Sunday, September 26, 2010

Benjamin in overalls :)

So, I finally got some overalls on my boy and got some pictures of him.  I got up early Saturday morning and took the boys to a consignment sale.  Then I took them to a park that we often pass, but usually on our way home from a shopping trip to Whole Foods, so I never take them to it, but they always ask.  It is basically just a big colorful playground, which isn't the kind of park that I'm attracted to.  But the boys were thrilled and I got some good pictures of Benjamin :)

Benjamin was very intent on looking down while he walked, I think he wanted to make sure he wasn't about to trip on anything.  Although he could of walked right into something without knowing it.  :)

When we got to the playground, at first he stood on the pavement, right next to the mulch, and wouldn't budge.  I think he was intimidated by walking on the mulch.  Finally I nudged him forward but he only walked a few steps and then stared intently at all the big colorful equipment.  He was quite serious.

I finally picked him up and carried him to a cute little train.  Then I got a smile :)

At the end, the boys wanted to play on this see-saw contraption, but there was a Chinese couple, probably in their late 30's sitting on it.  A couple of the boys went ahead and got on with the couple.  It was so funny.  Then the wife got off so all the boys could fit, but the man stayed on for a good 20 minutes.  It was hilarious!  They were bouncing up a storm, I would have been totally sick!  I got sick just watching them!  This couple just laughed and laughed and had the best time :)  It was pretty cute!

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momto9 said...

Aaaaaaaaaaawwwww just look at your little man! My favorite pic is the one where he is squeezing his little lips together tight. So cute:)