Sunday, May 02, 2010

Salad from the garden...

We are harvesting lots of fresh salad greens from the garden right now.  Whether we have fresh greens or not, we eat this salad all the time. We usually buy a large container of organic raw spinach from Costco for the greens and then add mandarin oranges, raisins, and pecans.  I also add chopped apples and/or grapes if we have them.  We use a raspberry vinaigrette or Annie's organic Papaya and Poppy Seed dressing.  This salad is so yummy and so easy!  If I have the gumption I will toast the pecans with a little butter and sucanat which makes the salad taste like dessert!  This week I'm going to try making a blueberry vinaigrette for a change.  I've actually never made home made salad dressing of any kind so it should be interesting!  I bought white wine vinegar for the first time ever at Whole Foods this afternoon.  I cook so simply usually so this is fun.  I'm also going to try making homemade spaghetti sauce later in the week.  It is so fun to learn to make more things from scratch.

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