Monday, May 24, 2010

In the garden today...

I walked by and noticed my daisies are getting ready to bloom and I had to smile.  I love the simple joy that God's creation brings...  

These daisies have special meaning.  We lost a baby boy in January of 2007.  We named him Adin.  A friend of mine gave me a pot of white daisies and try as I may, I couldn't keep them alive.  They were so special to me though, so I bought some white daisies to plant in Adin's garden.  

These blueberries are also growing in Adin's garden!  We love picking fresh blueberries!

The roses have died and fallen apart but the leaves are beautiful!  Isn't it interesting to think that before the fall there were no thorns?

I am so pleased that I got out to the garden and rigged up my support system for my tomatoes, green beans and cucumbers.  

I also helped Andrew plant his watermelon plant...

And he helped me plant two basil plants.  I had intended to plant a bunch of herbs that I was growing from seeds indoors. Well, they all died when I went to Virginia so at least I could go to store and buy some plants! I've not grown herbs before so I'm excited to have fresh herbs, maybe even dry them and save some for later.

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