Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life with Mercy...

It's been fun and hard!  Juggling a newly mobile baby and an unhousetrained puppy has definitely been a challenge!  But it is going pretty good I think!  Steve is getting up twice a night to take her out so she doesn't pee-pee in her crate.  During the day I just keep her with me or if I absolutely cannot keep my eye on her I put her in her crate.  Bless her heart, I do have to push her little hiney into the crate.  I need to go to petsmart and buy her some yummy treats.  The organic ones from Publix she wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole and the ones I grabbed when I was at the dollar store she didn't like either!  There must be a happy medium between organic peanut butter treats and Bacon bites from the dollar tree that this dog will like!  Then I will give her a treat when I put her in her crate.  We definitely try to limit her being in there but do want her to be used to it so we can use it if we have to leave the house and for her to sleep in at night.

We went to the park and she fit in her little bed perfectly in the sun visor of the double jogger stroller!  So cute!


loves2spin said...

Awwww...... :-)

Ginny said...

Just give it up and bring her to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are killing me with these photos.