Friday, March 26, 2010

Some things I'll point out to you...

Notice my hairstyle.  The bun.  Classic right?  No bobby pins necessary though, just one single rubber band and since I'm only 30 this method gives lots of little shoots out the side for flare.  Can't you tell I'm a stylin' kind of girl???  he he he  SO NOT.  I am SO tired of wearing my hair back.  Benjamin pulls it so what's a mom to do?  

Keeping it real-this is how you will find me most days.  Hair pulled back.  T-shirt and sweats on.  Ooey-Gooey snot or regurgitated food on my sleeves, shoulder and pants.  No shower until after noon.  Slight smell of body odor because I'm trying to save the environment and using Tom's of Maine organic and earth friendly deodarant.  It smells so good when I put it on.  Aggghhh....  peach blossoms....  Doesn't last.

Oh and by the way, this photo was taken just before I left the house, yes, I did say left the house.  I got the urge to go to the thrift store.  It's okay to go to the thrift store when you've not showered.  You want to take a shower anyway after leaving.  Perfect.  

What did you say?  Did you say something about Benjamin's outfit?  I think it matches just fine.  There are blue stripes in the pants and some blue stripes in the shirt.  Anyway, he rode in-cog-nit-o in the baby carrier.  No one could see the fashion disaster.

Let me also mention, I have about 10 extra pounds that sports itself around my mid-section and darn-it!  I can't ever seem to remember to SUCK IT IN!  

So to take care of that, I'm drinking loads of water (it really works, just eat less than normal and drink loads of'll lose weight I promise!), so if you came over at any given moment, you might find me....  in the bathroom.  Whatever works, right?

Bottom line.  I think I've become one of those frumpy moms.  I'm determined to change though.  Once Benjamin starts sleeping through the night.  For now, I'm getting every last second of sleep I can in the mornings.  And I refuse to buy more clothes until I lose the last of the pregnancy weight.  Maybe by summer?  

The other thing I wanted to point out to you is THAT BABY!  LOOK AT HIM!  He is sooooo squeezable, smoochable, eat-em-upable....  I just cannot get enough of him!  He's a tub'u'lub and he's all mine.  Well, God's... but I get to be his mommy!  Thank you Lord!

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