Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 21st-Micah loses a top tooth...

All he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth, his two front teeth..... Okay, the song doesn't exactly fit.... but it doesn't sound right to sing his one front tooth, his one front tooth... :)
This is the first banana bread I made soaking the whole kamut flour the night before. I've been reading this book called "Nourishing Traditions" and it talks about the benefit of soaking your grains with something fermented like buttermilk or yogurt. It partially digests the things in the grains that are very difficult for your body to digest. It also breaks down something called phytic acid that is in whole grains. Phytic acid makes it very difficult for your body to properly digest the grains and also inhibits absorption of the vitamins/minerals in the whole grain. The boys loved the bread. I tried just a nibble because of Benjamin's gluten allergy but it was very good! It is kind of neat to be preparing food a day in advance. It does feel like a special "tradition" and I know it is nourishing to my family!
All my boys love to read. Well, Isaac knows how to read. Micah and Andrew just look at books. Micah is teaching himself to read though. The few letter sounds he does know, he is now recognizing in words and blending them together and reading! He is 6 1/2. I started to teach him to read last year but it was frustrating. He could do it but he just didn't like it. He would get tired out of trying really quickly. So I just let it go and figured there was no reason to push it. He would read eventually. So I've basically been waiting for him to want to and he is now teaching himself to read with great motivation! So it is pretty cool.

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