Thursday, August 20, 2009

Andrew...and on raising children...

Andrew will be four November 1. He is a ham through and through. I think he is going through a hard phase right now. Maybe a combination of his age and speech impediment plus having a new baby brother. When I am nursing Benjamin Andrew will say, "Baby not hungry." He wants me to stop. Nursing does take a long time. I feel bad because Andrew used to be my "baby" and he has gotten booted from that roll. But when I start to feel bad I remind myself that this is how God intends it to be. God will use Benjamin as a sanctifying tool in Andrew's life. He has to learn to lay down his life for others. Of course he will always be learning to die to himself as this is a daily thing for me and I'm 30! I know it will continue to be until I die!
Back to Andrew... He say's some really cute things like, "Me like you mommy" or "Me like you daddy". It is so sweet. Of course when he is being disciplined he says he doesn't like me. But that is okay! He gives us "snargles" where he basically presses his nose into us and snorts. It is real cute. I'm afraid I taught him to "snargle". :-) We give each other "nosies" all the time. He has the cutest little nose.
Today when he was screaming at the top of his lungs while playing with Micah I comforted myself with the thought, "One day he won't scream like this. One day he will be a man. This too shall pass."
I wrote yesterday how blessed I am to have children and how thankful I am to have each one of them. This is absolutely true. At the same time I am thankful for them and want each one of them, I don't think things could be harder. Today I have been really tired. Like it is hard to walk tired. I don't really understand how I can want to do what I'm doing so very much and yet be so overwhelmed by all I have to do.

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