Thursday, April 02, 2009

This is nice...

I've been logged in for some reason each time I've come to my blog recently and so I can post so easily! We dropped Isaac off tonight at the shuttle with his cousin Hannah to go on a week long field trip with his old school to Kentucky. They will be staying at a national park, visiting an Elk and Bison reserve, doing tons of science classes, experiments, etc., and otherwise having a total blast! They will be camping out in the schools RV bus where he sleeps in a sleeping bag up in the loft for suitcases. He was so excited! It wasn't a for sure thing that he was going until last Saturday so this week has been a whirlwind and now I'm realizing I have a week of relative calm and sanity this next week... what to do? what to do???? :) :) :) Potty train Andrew???? Not sure about that. I know I need to do it but should I turn the week into a totally stressful one? I've experimented with potty training him on two different days in the past 2 weeks and I can tell it isn't going to be fun or easy. I need to do it though, the kid is 3 1/2!!!!

I definitely think I want to do quite a bit of cooking. I want to make a bunch of things like Ezekiel bread, banana bread, pumpkin muffins, etc. to stock up the freezer for easy breakfasts. I am also on the hunt for good dinners that I can make ahead and freeze. I want to do a bunch of this before the baby comes to kind of get me through the summer.

Speaking of the baby, oh my goodness, he is such a kicker! And he kicks hard and seems to enjoy stretching my uterus to it's maximum capacity! Especially when I lay down to fall asleep and every time I wake up in the middle of the night he has an aerobics session going on (which I wake up at least 2-4 times per night). A good 8 hour night of sleep is a definite thing of the past. Now I get about 6 hours of interrupted and painful sleep. I'll actually be relieved when this baby is born! I'd much rather be up nursing a baby than tossing and turning in pain! I can't wait to have this little guy. I keep thinking my bubble is going to burst any day-that this little guy is too good to be true. I didn't ask for him, he was a surprise, and am I really going to get to have him and keep him????

We went to a waterbirth class at the hospital we are delivering at tonight. It is required if you want to have a waterbirth. I'm committed to at least trying to go natural but if things get horrid or something like that I'm not opposed to an epidural. The lady next to me was having her 9th baby. Steve and I enjoyed talking to her and her husband after the class. We talked about our shared view that each child is a gift-and that children are the only gift from God that we as Christians say no thanks to! Not me-I'll take any he is willing to give :)

Okay to bed...

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Dani said...

Hello! I just wanted to let you know I stopped by:) Things have been crazy busy...but in a good way. I was wondering when your baby would be born...soon?

Any way...I was thinking of you.


PS...I actually have a testimony of sorts that I should probably share with you some day....