Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good day today...

Hence, that must mean I have had some bad days! Which is true. I'm not sure how much is me-related, ie., being pregnant and in pain so much of the time, as well as more emotional, impatient, etc. And how much is truly a struggle with the boys. I really think they are just typical boys and if I wasn't pregnant and dealing with the physical struggles, things would be easier. Today was good. Steve was really helpful the other night when I told him about how bad my day was. He suggested I was trying to get too many school subjects done in one sitting and I really needed to give the boys good breaks to run around. He is wise! I knew that-why was I not doing it?

So now we do our morning work at the breakfast table (bible, hymns, calendar, bible memory verse, character building story from the book of virtues) which takes about 20 minutes with out a bible story to listen to or about 50 minutes if we add a bible story to listen to. Which when we do have a bible story to listen to it is okay, because the boys like to listen to the stories.

Then, I put Andrew in a 30-45 minute video and we go in to the school room. During this time we do geography which usually takes a good 30-45 minutes! Then we do read-aloud story which at this time is a chapter from "Amazon Adventures" because we are studying countries in South America. Each chapter is about a different rain forest animal, the characteristics of that animal, and what we can learn from that animal. It is written by a South American missionary and is always related back to Jesus, and something character building. Then I read a chapter from a biography about Abe Lincoln for history.

I used to also try and add in music or art appreciation as well as science. Now I wait on these things until after lunch. During read-aloud and Abe Lincoln I let the boys color and today for part of it we went outside and sat on the porch swing. They kind of hung around like monkey's, climbing on the columns on the porch while they listened. It is SO nice outside today!

Then the boys went out in the backyard to play and I went back and pushed Andrew in his swing. After that, I went inside to start on lunch and clean up a bit. We had our lunch (english muffin pizzas, smoothies comprised of frozen cherries, blueberries, strawberries, bananas and an apple and handful of baby carrots) outside on the picnic table, which as Micah was sitting down he tripped and spilled his smoothie all over the table and Isaac. Luckily, I didn't scream or anything. Sometimes little things like this can set me off, like I just can't take another thing! But it didn't-thank you Lord! So we took care of that, I got Isaac's clothes in the wash right away, got Micah a new smoothie and we ate.

Then I had Isaac come inside to do his school work with him, (math we sit down together to check his work from the day before and I give him his assignment for today, we read about someone (Johnathan Edwards today) from "For those who dare", we do Spelling Wisdom, and I give him his handwriting assignment) and then sent him off to complete his independent work.

Then I bathed Micah and Andrew who had been on the driveway making "paint" out of colored chalk. Andrew's face was multi-colored! After that, I took Andrew up to his room to do puzzles with him and read to him. I ended up spending about 45 minutes with him in his room and then he layed down to take a nap. He has been preferring that lately over playing in his room during rest time. Funny boy-it seems that he prefers that so he doesn't have a mess to clean up afterwards!

Micah is in the playroom playing and listening to a Your Story Hour CD on Eleanor Roosevelt and I'm contemplating whether or not I should lay down or start working on painting a wall in our entrance way. We had touched it up but you can see every place it was touched up so the whole wall needs to be painted. After I do that I 'm going to buy some shelves to run along the length of the wall from about 2 feet up all the way up, spacing the shelves 20 inches apart or so. Then I will rest on the lower shelves books for the boys to read, neat art prints, etc.etc. I've wanted to do this for a long time. Just now getting the gumption to do it. I use floor molding that sticks out about 3 inches for the shelving. It is already painted white but I'll paint again using the color of our trim before Steve puts it up. I can't wait to get this done!

As far as the adoption goes, I'm feeling just kind of numb about it I guess. It's like I want them to come home, but I'm not really emotional about it. There is nothing I can do but wait. So I believe God has given me peace in the waiting... A lot of adoptive families are going over in the next few weeks to work on finishing the new orphanage which is exciting! God is at work-I know that for sure!

Okay, I guess I'll go now and.............start painting! :) :) (It's a small wall-probably a one hour job at the most and I'll only do the cutting in right now...than I'll rest)

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