Friday, December 19, 2008

My husband...

Okay, everyone pray right now that God will forgive you for the jealousy your about to feel... My husband does ALL the laundry AND he cleans the master bathroom! Those are the things I hate doing! He also takes the kids out to dinner for me when I ask and then out for errands or something so he is gone for 3 hours or so. He usually takes neighborhood kids with him as well. Last time he went out with 7 kids including ours. He is amazing! He lets me go out any night I want to, he'll put the kids to bed, no problem... etc.etc.etc. He really is great!

Okay-something funny-I went into the costco bathroom with the boys and Micah says, "mommy, I don't like this bathroom. There is something fishy about it." hehehehe! :)

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