Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Great Awakening and Micah

Today during history we were reading out of our book called the Light and the Glory for Children. It basically tells American History from the perspective of what God was doing to bring people to himself through the colonization of America. We are up to the 1700's and the Great Awakening. Wow! I had always heard the name Jonathan Edwards but I never knew really what his ministry was. And I never even heard of George Whitefield! Isn't that terrible! But what joy it brings me now to learn about what God was doing! We read all about George and how he preached to thousands at open air meetings. We read about him preaching to coal miners in England and how these grown men with coal darkened faces would listen and tears would stream down their faces. At the end of the chapter when it was talking about all the people that came to Christ in the American colonies and how all the colonies had been united through Christ, I looked over at Micah and his eyes were filling up with tears. I said, "What's wrong?" I thought he said, "How long your reading". Like I was reading too long. I kind of laughed and went on and he started to REALLY cry. I asked him again, "Why are you crying?" He said because "of what I was reading". Steve was there and we both asked him are you sad or are those happy tears and he smiled and said, "happy tears"!!!!! He was full of joy over all those people coming to know Jesus!

Oh my gosh, how my heart melted!!!! This child has a heart for God. We see it over and over and over again. He has a heart for God and a love for the lost! How I'm so thankful for that and so in awe of what God is doing in his life...even at this young age! My prayer for my boys is that God would be preparing them now for the ministry that he has for them. I pray that they would all love God whole heartily and have a PASSION to serve him wherever and however God wants. I would love to see each of them either in full-time missions, or other ministry work, or living out their lives at a common job with Kingdom-set minds, ministering to those they work with and all who come across their paths. I just want them to be on fire for God! I look forward to seeing how God uses each of my boys.

Most of you know already that we found out we are having another BOY! I'm SO SO SO SO glad! I do not think I'm a wonderful mother to boys, not at all. In fact I feel completely and totally inadequate. Especially when it comes to disciplining them. Oh, how I know I need to get stricter. The only thing I rest in is this, that God hears and answers my prayers, and I know praying that my children will love Him is definitely according to his written will! So he has to answer that!

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to raise sons, and so many of them! It is a privilege and also such a great responsibility! Because these boys will grow up to be husbands, fathers, leaders. They will lead those girls all the rest of you are out their raising. They will either be servant leaders or they will be tyrants. My prayer is for the latter, servant leaders, that are as strong as lions but as gentle as lambs.

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Bookworm said...

BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing your heart and about what happened today! You warmed my heart!
Love and Joy in Jesus,