Thursday, September 24, 2015

Magic Meadow

 This is the look of I just touched this forbidden berry to my tongue even though my mommy told me "No!  Don't eat it!"

Here he is actually singing and doing a little dance.  This kid has got soul and rhythm.  

He is running away

and reluctantly coming back.

Okay, I know I take a lot of pictures of my little ones.  But --A--, the bigger ones run off and leave me and --B-- let's admit it.  Little things are cute.  Baby people.  Baby animals.  Must I say more?

a.k.a. "the stone table".  We love this place with views of the mountains and wide open spaces.  It's beautiful.

The thorny tree with lemon like fruits.  

A dear friend with daughters.  They play different.  And the boys actually think it's real fun.

Yep.  Girl Play.

We had a lovely morning.  Back home for quiet time in the early afternoon.  Late afternoon was crazy.  Pick up kids from school at 3.  Piano lessons 3:45-4:45.  Pick up a child from CFA to take to football practice with us.  Somehow feed everyone and send them off by 5 with their devoted father to the football field.  Messy kitchen.  An older child's school books, papers, anything and everything strewn all over the kitchen.  A trip to the chiropractor.  Again.  No end in sight there.  That moment when I tell myself I can be tired, real tired, and I don't have to be mean because I'm tired.  Deep breath.  Now quick side trip to blog (which rarely happens), back to menu planning and grocery list making.  Hope to go to bed early.  Yes!  All in a day.  This is a good hard life.  I'm thankful!

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