Friday, April 24, 2015

It's the little things

Tuesday morning the rain had finally stopped, the morning was beautiful, more than beautiful, the weather perfect, (such a stark contrast to the day before when we were hunkering down in the basement storage room during a tornado warning...never know what a day will bring), and I said to the boys "do you want to pack a picnic and go to the park for a walk and to see the geese and ducks!?"  And of course, we all know what they said.  And so I quickly packed us up and we headed out the door with a simple lunch, the camera, and us!  Benjamin has been in school this year, but he has been home with me on Tuesday and Thursday's.  I've treasured these days with him.  Sure the days are a little fuller, a little rowdier, but in that, a little better.  I've found when my days are more full with people, with life, with conversation, with interruptions, with unscheduled---unsolicited, uninvited events---I feel more....alive.  And so this day with my little boys was perfect.  It was simple, no playground, no bikes, no trikes, no scooters, no picnic blankets, no fishing poles, and in it's simplicity it was deeply enjoyed.  I just love being with my kids.  I really, really enjoy them.  It's the little things that are so, so special.

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