Monday, August 04, 2014

Learning to sit

Jacob is just a few days shy of 7 months.  We're working on sitting up. He's a cutie.  For the past month or so he's become pretty fussy though unless I'm holding him.  I think it must be teething.  He's drooled enough to fill a small pool I think.  And now he rips off his bibs like a classic two year old.  Oh dear.  He gave up sleeping through the night a LONG time ago.  The last few nights he's even been waking up twice for me, once around 2 and again around 5.  I'm tired.  But happy to be a momma of a sweet baby again.  His naps aren't as consistent, but we still hang around the house all day so he can have them in his bed.  I do look forward to the stage where the whole day is our oyster.    Right now we're content to be able to go out after 4 for a few hours.  We tried a trip to the creek in Helen a few weeks back----it was fun but the drive---not so much.  He naps best in his bed.  I've spoiled him I guess.  But that's okay, these days will pass and I'll miss having to stay home with my baby!

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