Thursday, July 04, 2013

Butterflies in the Garden!!! Yeah!!!

I planted this garden a few weeks before we left on our trip.  When we came home everything had grown three times the size they had been previously.  When I bought these plants I never imagined they would grow so much.  For example, the purplish/pink flowers...that came from one, .99 cent teeny-tiny container.  One of the boys picked it out as the one they liked, and although it wasn't my first choice, I thought, well, it's small.  So much for small!  

On another note, I've been wanting to buy the little boys some sort of plastic pool, one of the hard plastic ones so that it is easy to clean and doesn't tear easily.  I haven't been able to figure out how to get one of those big ones back home once I bought it, but the other day at Wal-mart I decided to get one of the smaller, 10 dollar pools.  I set things up for the boys in the afternoon and I went and sat by the garden so I could see them and I could observe at least the bees.  Much to my delight though I saw painted ladies and little yellow colored skippers in the garden!  Yeah!  

My Shosta Daisies didn't bloom last year so I was thrilled to see them in full bloom this year!

We planted this Eastern Rosebud tree, with its heart shaped leaves, in memory of Adin, a baby boy we lost about 6 years ago.  We must not have planted it right because over the years it has stayed the same size.  I do believe it has a grown a bit this year though!  Maybe all this rain!

I snapped a couple pictures of Andrew and he said, "let me take a picture of you!!!"  So he is the photographer for these lovely pictures of me and Samuel!

We finished up dinner particularly early this day, maybe about 6, and the boys headed outside to play with dads really fast remote control car.  Steve has had it put away in a bin in the garage, not being played with for a long, long time.  Saturday we had a big yard work/garage cleaning day and it spurred him to bring it out and get it charged up.  It's been so nice getting things cleaned up and organized.  Makes us enjoy things more.

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