Thursday, March 28, 2013

Samuel's first experience with painting

(He is telling Micah "Shhhhhh" for some reason)

(and with the finger so conveniently located...well.....)

This adorable event happened spontaneously on Wednesday morning about the time we were to begin having lessons.  Benjamin asked if he could paint and for some reason (thoughts of my sister Ginny's blog entered my mind) I said those infamous words, "YES".  Not that I can blame it all on the decision to crack open the paints, but this day literally was the most hectic day I think I've ever had (not counting the days of having a new baby and trying to homeschool and do everything else!).  I was just setting out the paints for Benjamin but when Samuel indicated through, desperate grunts that sounded like the plea's of a dying man asking to see his mother, I crumbled inwardly and said sweetly, "Oh Samuel!  Do you want to paint too?" and proceeded to get him up at the table and arm him with brush and color.  And then I ran to get the camera.  So it goes sometimes, right?  He was super cute painting, with that tongue sticking out almost the entire time.  Oh, the memories, the memories!  They are sweet.

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