Monday, March 04, 2013

And Samuel is two!

How was today spent?  Lots of singing of "Happy Birthday" to our little birthday boy.  I think by the end of the day he definitely knew there was something special and different about today.  Although for the most part, today was spent like any other day.  It's not until our boys get a bit older that the birthday celebrations become a bit more elaborate.  I planned to take Samuel to the park in the afternoon and then make a cake for him in the evening, and maybe get his little trampoline put together.  I had errands to run this afternoon and one of them was to stop by and take a look at a couch and chair some homeschooling friends are giving us for our basement.  These friends live next door to some of our other friends, so we decided to stop by and see if they wanted to join us at the park.

I quite surprised this friend with our visit, but she graciously invited us to stay and play!  I shared with her that it was Samuel's birthday and she asked what we were planning to do.  I told her we were going to go home and make a cake and she proceeded to offer to make one for him!  I was so surprised at the offer I couldn't say no! :)  So Samuel got to play while she and I (mostly she) baked a super yummy (whole wheat!!!) cake! I called Steve and he brought the camera and candles and we celebrated his little birthday with friends!  It was an unexpected blessing.  Thank you Patricia!

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Yasmin Alberto said...

He's beautiful!! Looks like you had a blessed day. My little Samuel turns two in June. May God's blessing be upon both of them!