Saturday, February 02, 2013

A winter walk

(This post is a part of my scrapbook catch-up effort!  I'm going to skip some things, hopefully get to Christmas, and a few entries for January and be caught up!)

In Early December, when Steve was traveling a bit and had late night meetings, and maybe we had had some days of rain previously, I took the boys out in the cold to Little Mulberry park.  It was lovely to be outside but the cold was a bit much for my two babies to handle.  I call them babies, of course, they are almost 2 and 4!  I can't believe it!  Life is getting easier :)  Anyway, we walked the 2 mile path, I had to continually re-wrap Benjamin in a blanket and Samuel just screamed the last half.  I ended up having to carry him, but he still screamed!  I think he hated cold hands and I didn't have any mittens for him!  Once I get him in a warm bath at home, all was well.  I do a lot of living and learning it seems!  :)  Can't wait for Spring!

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