Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stir crazy

Steve has been working the late the last couple days AND it's been rainy.  We all understand what that means for me, right?  And with a house full of energetic boys, and a basement that is shut down for remodeling, well...I made a desperate decision about 4:30 today.  It was only drizzling so I took my boys (in muck boots), my new camera (with an umbrella), and we headed for the forest in my neighborhood.  I had considered driving to the park, but wasn't quite up for loading everyone up in the van. 

In the driveway before we left Micah said, "Mom!  Look quick before it disappears!  Some blue sky!"  We're obviously missing the clear blue sky these days...

Here Benjamin is running back for his "big boy" bike.  He decided he wanted to ride it after all.  He's so adorable.  

We had a short pause in our journey to the forest for Samuel to play in the smallest of puddles, but he had found his true love.  

He has developed quite the attitude.  As you can see he is begrudgingly leaving!

Benjamin expressed his woe for being in this tall grass several times, wishing he were "back riding his bike".  

He really enjoyed walking through the creek though with his boots on.  

Samuel's new thing is to tell me "shhhh".  It's probably not good for him to "boss" me, but it is SOOOO cute!

I'm apparently not complying with his wishes so he began screaming "Stop!  Stop!  Stop!"  These are his few options for communicating, "no" which comes out "Neh" and "Stop" and saying "Shhhh".  He is definitely almost 2.

In fact, I think he has hit two early.

The boys discovered some fungi that was HUGE!  Probably about 8 by 12 inches!

Gotta love this outfit right?  I promise he picked it out himself.  It's actually pajamas.  Can't believe we can do this in January!

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