Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to Virginia-Jamestown and Yorktown

After we said goodbye to my sister at Mount Vernon, I drove with the boys to Williamsburg, VA.  We found our hotel, a very reasonably priced Westgate Resort about 5 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg.  It had a full kitchen so we were able to buy groceries and make almost all of our meals.  I had thought I would buy our food at Trader Joe's, and one of our main meals was roast in the crock pot, but upon arriving found that their selection wasn't good at all.  We went over to fresh market instead but found they didn't have a chuck roast either.  I wanted to make a roast in the crock pot for one of our dinners and several of our lunches.  Turns out "brisket" was a very fine substitute, as it makes a really nice roast!

Tuesday morning (no-not the store!) we got up and quickly made our way to Jamestown Settlement.  I had made a trip notebook with divided tabs for each day as well as a tab for food.  Behind each day tab there were directions from our hotel to each place we were going as well as any tickets I had purchased and printed online.  The food tab had my pre-made meal plans.  I was super organized---but I don't know how I could have done it without this notebook!  I had it in the fresh market and accidently left it.  Thankfully, when I got back to the hotel and found it missing, I quickly put two and two together and we drove back to the market right away to get it!

I was a little nervous making this big trip without Steve---but it was totally fine.  I used our GPS most of the time and we made it around without a problem.  I just had to pay a lot more attention than normal!  Oh, and I never mentioned how it was without my babies!  I had so much packed into our days that the time went by really quickly---so that made it easier.  I really didn't have a problem at all.  And I think that was because they were home with Steve.  If they had been with a sitter-I don't think I could have done it.  But knowing they were safe and happy at home-I felt very free to just enjoy the time with my older boys.  The only thing I did notice was that I realized I would have liked everything better if they had been with us---even though it would have been a LOT more work.  I really love my WHOLE family and I like going places with ALL of them.  It's just not the same unless we are all together.  But I still think it was a unique opportunity and a good thing to do on occasion.  All things considered, it was a great trip!

Here we are having our guided tour at Jamestown Settlement.  By the way-the prices for these things was phenomenal.  It was so cheap that I didn't take real good mental note of the price, but I think it was around 9 dollars for me for both days at Colonial Williamsburg and around 7.50 for each of the kids.  Normally it is like four times that amount!  Going during homeschool week is definitely a good idea!

Here we are in the "tween" deck of the Susan Constant-a rebuilt version of one of the three ships that delivered the original Jamestown colonists to the shores of America.

Running into the re-creation of the original Jamestown Fort.

That is real tobacco hanging from the rafters.

Inside the church.  Our guide told us that the settlers were required to attend church twice a day and if they did not, the first offense was no food for 24 hours, the second offense was no food for 48 hours, the third offense was a whipping!  Yikes!

We were heading to "Yorktown Victory Center"---which I thought was the original Yorktown battlefield where the last battle of the Revolutionary War was fought---but instead we arrived at Yorktown National Park-which wasn't the "Victory Center" but was the actual battlefield.  The "Yorktown Victory Center" was a few miles away and was more of a museum.  We took a few pictures on the battlefield and then headed over there for about an hour.

Here we are-the boys were super interested in the man giving musket firing demonstrations.  Micah, to my surprise  was able to answer most of his questions.  At one point he began saying things about the firing procedure before the man had a chance to and he said, "Would you like to give the demonstration for me?"  It wasn't that Micah was being rude---he was just excitedly saying things he had learned (all on his own) and it would just happen to be what he was about to say.

After the firing demonstration we walked away to look at the rest of the tent site---but after several minutes of talking to the man who was teaching about the war hospitals, I realized Micah wasn't anywhere around.  I found him back with the man who had given the firing demonstration.  No surprise!

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