Friday, July 27, 2012

Totally Random...

Poor frogs-I told Steve the other day, "a frog that has been found my boys probably wishes it was never born!"  Not that I allow my boys to hurt them, nor would my boys want to, but just being picked up and handled has got to be very unnerving to them!

Breathtaking....  We had several days last week of gorgeous clouds over and was like walking out into an art museum, God's art museum!

Here we are...with the old pack-n-play out.  I almost never use a play-pen for my children except for when we travel and they sleep in them at night.  But one thing leads to another, and a toddler constantly, and I mean nearly constantly, clinging to my legs means, sometimes, just sometimes, I have to establish some smaller boundaries, away from my legs for the child, so that I can do something selfish, like cook dinner.  (The Ergo baby carrier isn't the finest choice now since if Samuel is on my back he pulls my hair over and over while I shriek!)  Oh and over in that corner is Benjamin, unloading the silverware.  What a perfect job for my little sorter and collector.  No pictures of this one-but he is such a quirky little guy, quirky in a cute way to me.  He has baskets and buckets around the house full of various items.  They are his collections of sorts, and he doesn't really play with the things in the baskets.  He just carries them from place to place and FORBIDS Samuel from touching them.  Oh, the three year old stage of "IT'S MINE!!!!"  Lord, have mercy on my soul.  And I'm not kidding.  :)

I pulled out the Montessori toys for Samuel to play with in the pack-n-play.  These wooden toys I bought for Benjamin are just perfect for this age!  

And I just had to capture this stage on camera....  I think it has to do with lots of big boy teeth coming in!  Boy does it make him clingy!  But he is so cute and I love him so much!  

And here is photographic evidence of our play-do disaster.  I got a whim on Sunday when I got Benjamin up from his nap to make play-do with him.  I had a new recipe from a blog I visited recently and usually I only make one color, white.  That way if it gets on the carpet-it doesn't really matter!  But I decided to live a little and make colored play-do.  I figured it would be a nice little hour long activity to do with my Benji-man!  Well, let's say three hours later I finally finished cleaning up the mess.  But, Benjamin was delighted in making the colors and I'll say it was worth it.  

I think this is his way of saying he was pleased?  

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