Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's been going on...

This past week has been a whirlwind, really the last several weeks.  Isaac finished up his 7th grade year at Dominion, we began praying in earnest for wisdom on schooling for the younger boys next year, we got to be a part of the Truman miracle and I got to experience what it really meant to pray continuously, Steve traveled to Las Vegas for business, my mother-in-law stayed with me to help for the week (so thankful!), in the span of 24 hours I moved Isaac's room to the downstairs bedroom, I moved the contents of my craft closet upstairs to his old bedroom closet, I moved the school room upstairs to his old room,  I deep cleaned the boys toy closet, I moved the contents of the current school room to the upstairs bedroom which used to be Isaac's room and is now our school room (pictures later!), and I made the old school room (which technically would be the dining room-we just have never used it as such) into a playroom for the toddlers, I also moved the black bookshelves out of the kitchen and into my bedroom and the bookshelves out of the old school room and into the new school room.  Are you confused?  Me too.  It was CRAZY.  Tons of moving, lots of book moving (I actually got rid of 4 boxes of books!), lots of bookshelf moving, but I think the end result is going to be much better for our family.  We need a room with a door to get away from the chaos having a 1 and 2 year old brings, for our boys to do their school work.  More on this later.  Oh, and I also have been preparing for us to go away to a cabin for a week!  Wooh!  I will really enjoy the break!  Our earnest prayers were answered and we will continue to homeschool Micah and Andrew.  I will be researching curriculums this week and will choose a more formal curriculum for them this year.  I will definitely choose one along Charlotte Mason lines, but I won't be designing my own.  I think this is best for the boys this year and best for me.  

Lots more to share soon...but I haven't the time now.  Here are some pictures of our little rascal, Benjamin.  He's so cute-thank goodness for him.  :) :)

The hazards of having a 3 year old help.  He pulled out the entire head of lettuce, roots, dirt ball and all, and tossed it in my basket.  Oops!

Oh, the other big thing we are doing is getting this cheese ball ready to go on a mission trip with Teen Missions to Trinidad!  We just made the switch of countries this past week because he hasn't raised enough funds for the original plan to go to Borneo.

 Life is full.  God is faithful.

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Tanya Thomas said...

My husband was in Vegas on work this past week also!