Tuesday, April 03, 2012


After giving Gracie back to the breeder we were unsure if we would try again. I wasn't sure if we could find a dog that would fit our family's needs. But something kept urging me to keep looking. I think the commitment that I had to Gracie, that we, barring safety issues, would be keeping her no matter what, had kind of changed me to a "dog person". In the vision of our future, there was a dog. I had altered my expectations for our family life and for our home. Maybe this is what drove me to continue looking. This time for an older dog. But there were so many specifications I was doubtful we would ever find it. We wanted an older dog, over 2, hopefully a lab or lab mix, that was completely house broken, had lots of energy to play with the boys but would also be happy chilling in the house, hopefully new some basic obedience already, and one that liked kids and had been around kids. Pretty much we wanted a perfect dog. Well, believe it or not, we've found her.

Sunny is 4 years old, she was given to a family about a year and a half ago by her original owners who just couldn't keep up with her energy level. This new family kept her for a year an a half, all the while intending to find her a new home. They had never intended to keep her. They already have 3 dogs and didn't feel like they could adequately care for all of them. A couple weeks ago they posted about her on Craigs List and I found her! I called her owners and asked lots of questions and it was sounding like she would be a perfect fit for us!

Her owners brought her to our house on Saturday. The first night she was definitely anxious. We tried to comfort her the best we could knowing she was going through a big change! One really fun thing about Sunny is she LOVES to play fetch. This is a lot of fun for the boys to do with her and she gets lots of her energy out this way. We don't have to take her for long walks-we just have to throw the ball to her outside.

Poor girl, we didn't know this would happen, but after a couple days of lots of fetch in the front yard and street, and she has worn little sore spots on the pads of her paws. So she isn't playing any more fetch for a few days and we will stay on the grass from now on!

Another awesome thing about Sunny is she doesn't run away. So here she is in the backyard. She and the older boys had just run through the woods in the back. (we already got her tags with our phone number and we are going to get her microchipped)

I have never, ever seen a dog tongue as big and long as hers!

I think this picture shows how laid back her personality is. She is just standing there while I push Samuel in the swing. You'd think she might be a little anxious or afraid of the moving baby in the swing, but no, she seemed rather oblivious.

She just plopped down underneath him.

Samuel is fascinated with her. I watch him closely with her, but she has not so much as made a peep when he pokes at her face, or pulls her tail. She'll just get up and walk away. Now, I don't let Sam poke her eyes or anything, but I have let him mess with her a little bit so I could see how she responds. She is just so awesome! Her personality is so docile and sweet.

We were sitting at the dinner table eating and I looked over at her in the living room. I felt so happy that we have a dog! And such a wonderful one at that!

Sunday evening I came downstairs after putting the babies to bed and I saw her snuggling with Andrew. This was the first time I saw her really relax. I was so happy!

During Bible time that evening...you can see everyone loves her!

Yesterday we took her for a long walk around the lake at Little Mulberry Park and at the end we couldn't resist and I let her take a swim. She loves the water. It was so fun to watch her jump in and swim! We are going to have so much fun with her! She is definitely a gift from God. As we walked back to the van I was thinking how awesome it is to have a dog, especially in our family with so many boys. Yeah!

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What a wonderful new member of the family x x