Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little explanation...

I have no time left now to tell about our amazing trip because I hear Samuel waking up and fussing! And if I don't post this now, I won't for who knows, a few more weeks? So much for more blogging-try less blogging lately! The short of it is we took a trip to Elijay in the North Georgia Mountains the first week of October. We had an amazing time! We went ahead and did our typical Fall traditions of going to Burts Pumpkin Farm and apple picking. It was great!

We attempted to hike to the top of the mountain for the beautiful "views".

Here we are at the top and for all that work all we got to see was a cell phone tower! It was so late and after hiking around trying to see some great views we realized we were lost. Thank the Lord for a retired couple who drove Steve back down the mountain to our van and allowed us to stay at their cabin until he returned to pick us up!

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Ellen said...

Coming over for a visit from Ginny's blog. Looks like you had fun on your hike despite getting lost. The Lord provides just at the right time - glad that you had the elderly couple to the rescue. I noticed drawings of various nature stuffs. And the Handbook of Nature Study on your table? We're starting our own nature walks and using Barb's wonderful site for ideas- I'm sure you've seen it? The same name as the book. :)