Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Playing with my new camera

Good morning Benjamin!

(notice the yellow color in this photo?)

Benjamin says good morning to Samuel in his usual body-tackling kind of way.  He is just in love with his baby brother.  He can't help it.  I fear for Samuel's safety but am doing my best to find the balance between letting Benjamin love on Samuel and keeping Samuel unharmed!

(I turned the overhead tungsten lights off and pulled up all the blinds.  Much better!  All of these pictures were taken without a flash)

Andrew, sporting his cool new pens from his daddy, on his freshly made bed.  Great job with your chores buddy!  (obviously our standards aren't real high.  As long as the sheet is pulled up that is great!)  Andrew at age 5 is expected to get up, get dressed, take his dirty clothes to the laundry room and pick up his clean clothes basket and put those away, and put away any books in his room that he shares with Micah.  And he is expected to do all this right away, before he plays.  This morning he played first with his brother.  Spankings were given.  (PS:  Spankings in our house consist of the following:  Talking to the boys about what they did wrong and why they are going to receive a spanking.  Then the spanking is given which for Andrew is one small, honestly, painless pop (because we have our boys hearts, it really doesn't take much to discipline them.  They love the Lord so it makes it so much easier!  We give the God all the glory for our boys teachable hearts) on his rear end, for Micah, it consists of two painless pops on his rear end.  Then they crawl in our lap, they pray, we pray.  Then we often talk about the gospel.  That they cannot be good apart from Jesus.  But because they have accepted Him as their Lord and Savior, he will help them, if they will only depend on him, to do what is good and right.)

They love to touch this little guy.  

Micah is a great help with Samuel every day.

School time!

I didn't realize mint has such pretty little flowers!  Would these be called composite flowers?

An assassin bug nymph! 

I love, love my daisies.

Okay, it is 3:50 and I need to go take a shower while the babies nap!


j.j. said...

Thanks for

j.j. said...

posting! Samuel is growing so much! I love those chubby cheeks. Who would guess he was a preemie! I see some of Andrew in him.
So tell me about your new camera...what kind etc. I'd REALLY like to get a nice one =)