Saturday, February 05, 2011

Small wonders...simple joys

A walk with friends...and BIG rocks :)

Lichen...  strands of alga linked with roots and branches of a fungus, together they absorb minerals from the ground and conduct the intricate process of photosynthesis.  Amazing.

Moss...  simple, yet exquisite, grows like a beautiful little forest.

Toddler.  My toddler.  :)  In cowboy hat and too big shoes.  I love him.

Childhood wonder at...

the small things...  our bulbs are coming up!!!

A tiny treasure....

We were all fascinated by this teeny-tiny creature, that came out of his shell and explored...  retreated back inside when afraid (when it was dropped :), twisted and moved and left a shiny trail behind...  God's creatures amaze us.  We're thankful for them!

Our beautiful centerpiece...  a simple fish that dazzles in the light...

An aquatic snail...helping keep our tank clean.  Thank you snail.

And a new addition to our home, inspired by our study of botany.  The wonder that this little plant, needs our carbon dioxide to live, and we need the oxygen it gives to survive.  God has truly worked wonders in His creation design.

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