Sunday, January 23, 2011

Very random post of family happenings...

Here is one of my favorite things to give the boys to do...water coloring.  It's like painting but without all the mess.  Definitely a good rainy day activity or an any day activity!

Oops...  I left the petroleum jelly in Benjamin's reach!  He had greasy hair for a few days :)

I've been cooking a lot more variety lately.  I checked out about 10 cookbooks from the library and made copies of some new recipes to try.  Our family regulars' were getting very boring!  Benjamin is pleased with these "strawberry mallow" popsicles.  They were made from real whipping cream, cream cheese mixed with a little honey, frozen chopped strawberries and marshmallows.  

Benjamin has taken up the Walsman family love, books.  One of his favorite activities is to sit and flip through his board books.  This pleases his mommy very much!

I made up a batch of whole wheat bread dough and made hamburger buns from it for the first time!  

Here is our science shelves that have moved from place to place and are currently in the kitchen.  This very visible location I think is good because the boys see them and they will go and get things down to look at them.  I also like having our nature guides for identification easily accessible.

This is such a simple salad and one of our favorites, mixed greens (can be baby spinach or romaine or buttercrunch, whatever you like), mandarin oranges, some raisins (organic raisins really taste so much better than regular raisins), and some crushed pecans.  We like Annie's Organic Papaya and Poppyseed salad dressing.

I don't know what has gotten into me lately but I am really enjoying making food that is rich and really yummy.  Here we are having pancakes made from a mixture of millet, rice and oats, soaked over night in buttermilk.  They cook up wonderfully and we topped them in sliced bananas, slightly sweetened real whipping cream and chocolate chips.  There actually may be less sugar in this topping than syrup.  I'm trying to avoid syrup because of it's high sugar content and come up with alternatives.  This was a yummy one!  


Daphne said...

You left a popsicle in our freezer and Rowan had it and loved it. I have been meaning to ask you what was in it.
Homemade hamburger buns are the best! I just need to remember to start them before 4 o'clock or we will be eating a late dinner!
My favorite pancake topping is strawberries and blueberries cooked in a little water and a couple tablespoons of sugar.

j.j. said...

Those recipes look so yummy! What recipe books would you recommend from your massive library search?!

Anonymous said...

Cute little child. It is so nice to have children.
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