Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Juniper Springs Adventure

Notice the look on Micah's face?  Poor guy, holding wiggly Benjamin up there.  Who would make him do that?  Oh, that was me....  Well, where else was Benjamin going to be for the picture?

Anyway, we are on our way to visit a natural Spring, about an hour away from my in-law's house.  When we got lost, and Steve's phone lost it's signal, we officially deemed our trip an "adventure".  It's never an adventure until you get lost right?  We almost headed to Salt Springs instead because we saw a sign for it, but we ended up running into a park ranger and got directions to Juniper Springs, which we had evidently driven right past.  Thats what happens when I knit while Steve's driving I guess :)

We finally made it and here is Micah, running ahead as usual.

So, here are the boys, amazed at the sight they are seeing... a pool full of brightly colored water and fishes!

Yes, it was COLD!

But they couldn't help but get in!

Here I am trying to talk Isaac into jumping in.  At this point in the pool, it is about 20 feet deep.

Gotta love this picture!!!!!!

He's freezing...freezing...FREEZING!

But it was so fun he is at it again!

Benjamin even got his little tosies wet...

After getting everyone dried off and changed we headed for a walk.  On the way Benjamin spotted a squirrel.  He was SO cute watching it run up the tree.

This millhouse used to generate the electricity for the millhouse itself as well as several other surrounding things.  Pretty cool!

Isaac got so cold from his swim in the spring that his lips turned blue!  I think he would say it was worth it!  He said it was the second best thing he has ever done.  The first was swimming with his school mates in Rainbow Spring.

How I love my boys!

There were lots of natural "boils", places in the creek where water bubbled up through holes in the rocks beneath.

Look at Benjamin's little arm poking out!  So cute!

We finally get to the end of our walk and it was WELL worth the walk!

We felt like we had been transported to a tropical island!  The colors were so beautiful!

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Widge said...

great photos! looks like a fab time