Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm SEW excited!

Well, after three failed attempts, I think I've come up with a homemade cloth diaper that may work.

Sew, first I made a pattern out of another cloth diaper and then modified it a bit, since it was made for snaps and I planned to put velcro on my diaper.  Then I cut out two pieces of flannel using that pattern.  Then, because I didn't want to spend a lot of time on a diaper that might turn out another flop, I took a carter's brand, cheap, birds eye cloth diaper, folded it into thirds and then sewed it on to the back piece of cloth.  Once that was sewed in, I took the two pieces of flannel, put them rights sides out, pinned them, then sewed them together, leaving a fairly generous seam because I planned to sew elastic right into that seam.

Next I figured out what length of elastic to use for the back and the sides.  I knew from trial and error, that I wanted really good elastic and the sides bunched up at least half way up the back and on in to the front.  Benjamin has really runny poops (TMI sorry) and I need that elastic to hold it in.  I've changed some really gross diapers since starting this adventure with poopy getting all over the place (just when I used my failed attempts at home made diapers).  Anyway, after noticing that my Sposoeasy diaper had the elastic sewn right into that seam, right to the side of stitches, going away from the diaper (I hope that makes sense), I thought that seemed like a good plan.  The only problem is, the elastic I bought was way, way, way too thin.  I think it is like 1/8 of an inch, and I think 1/4 inch size would be perfect.  I also noticed the sposoeasy diaper had clear plastic elastic.  I'm going to look for that.

Well, I took some 1 inch elastic I had and cut it in thirds.  It didn't unravel much so I improvised and used that for my elastic.  Not perfect, but it works for now.  I'm just trying to get the basic diaper plan set, and then I can get the perfect supplies.

Here is the diaper right after I sewed in the elastic.

Next I turned it right side out and sewed up the hole in the top, after turning the edges in.  I bought a serger from Wal-Mart and it just seems way too complicated.  After getting it threaded it totally messed up one of the diapers I made, including cutting up the fabric.  I think I'd rather just sew my diapers wrong side out and then turn them around and sew up the hole then mess with a serger.  That save us 200.00 dollars too!

I can't wait for Benjamin to wake up so I can try it on him...  And I know this is just bad, but I can't wait for him to go #2 in it...  that'll be the real test if this is a good diaper!


Daphne said...

Yay! Looks like the third time is a charm! Happy wiping ;)

Kelli Fisher said...

It's the cutest diaper I've ever seen! I hope it works out. :0)

Kelli Fisher said...
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Davis Family said...

Awww!!! Wow, you did such a good job on that. The daipers are so cute!!!