Saturday, October 02, 2010

Special day with Andrew and Benjamin...

Steve, Isaac and Micah went to help my sister Angie and her family move to a new home.  So I had today with Andrew and Benjamin!  

First thing I did was make pancakes and woke up the boys by loudly announcing, "Pancakes!  Get your pancakes!  Hot off the griddle!....Pancakes, coming right up!"

I had to make a big deal out of it because we hadn't had pancakes in a while since I've been feeling so blobish, and I new they would be excited!  They love pancakes :)

Then Steve, Isaac and Micah left...  to help Andrew stop crying because he wanted to go too, I promised him special time today and a trip to the park!


Andrew rode his bike to a small pond where there was an interesting fellow throwing large chunks of bread into the water.  We got to see a really large tortoise come up to eat!  Then we headed to Ingles to get a few things, including some pretty Fall flowers to plant in our front porch planters.  

It's going to be Andrew's chore in the morning to come out and water them.  He was happy to have this chore assigned to him.  :) 

We had a great time getting out the Fall decorations.  There is just something so special about Autumn!  

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Melissa said...

there IS just something special about Autumn!
Looks like a FUN day!