Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tree House Complete!

First Day of School...School in the Trees!

We love it!  Thank you Rosbury's!


Barbara Butler said...

Hi folks!
Your treehouse photos came up on my google alert for "treehouse". I build treehouses professionally and I like to keep an eye on what's being built out there. Your treehouse looks great and I know the kids will love it! I have 2 safety concerns I wanted to pass along: 1. the trap door in the floor: very easy for this to get left open when kids are playing and then someone can fall through by backing up into it. I recommend a simple railing around it with access to the trap door confined to just one side. 2. Knee braces: the knee braces made of 2x6 do not seem structurally sufficient if you end up suddenly with a lot of people on one side of the deck (which happens if everyone rushes over to one side to see something...). I would recommend changing them up to 4x6, or at least 4x4.
Hope you don't mind me butting in but I love safety & treehouses!
Keep on playing!
Barbara Butler

Daphne said...

School in the tree! How fun. What special memories you are making with your boys. I would have loved to have a place to read and nap in a tree as a child. Good thing you can see them from the house, because they might not want to live inside now ;)
Have there been any requests to camp out overnight?
Oh and those pictures of the girls are precious!!! Thank you for taking them.