Friday, August 20, 2010

Papermaking museum today!

We are doing a unit study on book writing and studying different authors.  We are reading a book entitled the Bookmaking Handbook.  We have been learning this week about the history of papermaking so I thought it would be fitting to go to a papermaking museum!  Thankfully there is one downtown at Georgia Tech University that is free!  It isn't too big and so it made a great morning field trip.

We read a biography about Johannes Gutenberg a few months, a man who invented the first mechanical movable type method of printing in around 1439 and printed the first Bible.  We were really amazed to see this book which, it didn't have any information surrounding it, but we are assuming it is one of his Bibles!

This was a real and still working papermaking machine.  The boys could press a button and watch the machine turn all the wheels.  Pretty fascinating!

Just thought this was cute!

They had this display that showed the different materials that paper can be made out of and had a sample of paper made of each material.

I bought some neat paper made in Nepal!

Just recently I started buying magnets from the different places we visit.  This way we will be reminded of the different places we've been when we go to get something from the fridge.  The design on this magnet is printed on papyrus paper from Egypt, which paper made from the papyrus plant, which grew along the Nile River, was the first paper ever used!

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