Thursday, August 12, 2010

Benjamin, bowls and books...

Benjamin is a little over 14 months now and is walking!  It is sooooo adorable!  He took his first steps last week and by this week is he walking around cool and confident.  It is really so cute.  I can tell that he is very proud of himself.  He loves being able to make a quick beeline for me.  He still likes to be held quite a bit and isn't looking like he will be weaning anytime soon.  That is fine with me!  It seems to me that every bit of breast milk he gets is a gift to him because of all the nutrients, antibodies, etc. that he gets from it.  I am very excited to share though that he is sleeping through the night-big time!  I put him down at 8 and he doesn't wake up now until between 7 and 8!  Sometimes he wakes up early but for the past like 5 or 6 nights it has been at least 7.  This has been sooooo nice!

Here is Andrew looking at one of the books from our library.  We really are growing quite a collection of books.  It is amazing to me what people throw out!

We have been needing more bowls for quite a while and I really wanted to get some nonplastic dinnerwear but I wasn't sure what to get.  I really liked some metal dishes that some friends of ours had, but it was like 40 dollars a plate, so that wasn't going to happen!  Wood doesn't seem really practical for using with all sorts of foods and is also pretty expensive.  I definitely don't like ceramic because it chips so easily.  So that kind of leaves glass.  I decided to go ahead and go with it because my kids don't drop their dishes very often and I figure it is worth a try.  I found sets of 4 plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 big bowls for 15.00 dollars at Wal-Mart and I bought three of them.  We already had clear glass cups from Ikea.  It is so nice to have matching dishes!  Last night we had company over and for the first time in years we actually served the meal on pretty matching dishes instead of mismatched ugly red and blue plastic stuff.  Not that I think that is altogether bad and I doubt any of my guests have ever cared, but it was fun to use place mats and light a candle and make everything pretty!  I think I'll go back and buy a couple more sets of these dishes to have on hand for replacing broken dishes! (The bowls to the far right are actually custard dishes.  I bought 8 of those to make custard for our guests... it was so yummy and easy to make!  I hate for certain foods to touch each other on my plate so I was thinking I could use these small custard dishes to put side dishes in when necessary :)

This isn't the best picture of our fish tank but it was hard to get a decent one for some reason.  We changed our tank out after our trip out West and filled it with rocks from Colorado, new plants, new fish and a volcano that bubbles.  The boys talked me in to that one.  It is pretty neat though!  We love our fish tank!  It really is an easy thing to keep up with and the fish are so fun to look at!  I love having things like this around the house for the kids to look at.  Just feels special.

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