Thursday, July 01, 2010

Cowboys and Indians....

We took a trip today to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, GA.  It was such a blessing and a treat!  Thank you Father!  

First of all, we arrived just shy of 1:30, which I had no idea about this beforehand, but at 1:30 each day they offer free guided tours.  How wonderful!  We had the nicest man named Pablo, who gave us a tour of museum.  We learned some of the neatest things that we wouldn't have otherwise.

I put this picture in because I want you to notice Micah's boots.  I didn't realize he put those on until after we were already in the museum.  How embarrassing!  Torn up muck boots in an art museum!  I had them dress nicely this morning because we were going and then he puts those shoes on!

Pablo took us into this room, which I would have otherwise probably not gone into, and I'm glad he did!  He said that since nearly all of the art work in the museum's permanent collection comes from the twentieth century, most of the artists are still alive, and they come to visit them museum when they can.  When they do come, they will come in to this room and paint something on one of these canvases.  Many of these small paintings are done in an hour or less!

This horse was painted in 20 minutes!

You can't tell from this picture, but these are exquisite watercolors.  The detail is amazing.  

This one was one of our favorites because when your standing close to it, you feel like you are smelling and breathing in dust!  That is how realistic it is!

This painting was done in commemoration of all the twentieth century Presidents.  It was pretty neat seeing them all in one room!  Pablo told us that the artist spent two years studying each of the Presidents so that he would portray them according to their personalities!

They have a gallery of portraits of each and every man President and underneath is a showcase with a handwritten letter from that President.  It is really really really cool!  We walked around the room singing the President song and pointing to each President as we sang his name.  

The boys were all amazed by this horse made up of scrap materials.  Micah said it was his favorite thing in the museum!

Seeing all the cowboys and guns has finally gotten to them.... :) :) :)

On the bottom level, there is a "ranch" for the kids to get some hands on play. 

All in all, I highly recommend this museum, it was so much fun, and the artwork was stunningly beautiful!  I think, particularly if you have boys, this is a great museum to introduce little boys to artwork.  Since it is cowboys and Indians, it will surely capture their interest and delight!

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