Saturday, June 19, 2010

Very Random post...

A few weeks ago we read the Velveteen Rabbit.  I just picked up this copy from Goodwill recently so it was a first time to read it to my boys.  I was of course enchanted along with them and was thrilled to show them my very real bear.  

My childhood memories are sketchy at best, but I remember clearly purchasing this bear from Kroger when I was around 8 years old.  I bought him with money that my grandparents had given me for Christmas.  If you look closely at the top of his head, you will see that it has a brown spot.  He was placed on a freshly painted bench on the playground when I was in third grade.  

He has been in Teddy Bear Surgery more times than I can count, until he just couldn't be sewed up again.  He lost most of his fluff and even an ear.  He soaked up many tears and provided much comfort to a little girl, fraught with grief too heavy for her to bear.

I have no idea why, but I never named him.  

Andrew...  bless his heart.  He went from one swelling to another until........  I eliminated gluten from his diet.  He has had a few slip ups and accidentally eaten some gluten since I eliminated it from his diet, and consequently he has had some more swelling, but I think we have indeed found the culprit. I had laser acupuncture to treat my gluten allergy yesterday and I ate some yummy cake today(first thing I did when I woke up).  It usually takes about 24 hours for the consequences to show up when I eat gluten so I should know by tomorrow if it worked.  I'm hoping!  If it works for me, then we will definitely try it for Andrew.

I took Isaac (me), to the Fernbank Observatory recently.  He got (I got) to see SATURN and it's moons!  Okay, so yes, the truth is, I think I was more excited to go to the observatory than Isaac was, and I was more excited to see Saturn than he was.  We will definitely be going back to the observatory this year.  Amazing.


Steve and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last weekend.  And these are the only pictures I have to show for it.  You'd think I was on a getaway trip for some special time with Benjamin!  He is still very much attached to me and nursing on a regular basis so it wasn't feasible to leave him at home.  Some good friends stayed with Isaac, Micah and Andrew.  They had a blast and while Steve and I weren't completely alone, at least it was a bit quieter.

Skirt update:  Well, I'm still wearing skirts everyday.  I wonder how many days in a row I've worn a skirt?  Maybe 2 or 3 months now?  I really don't miss pants/shorts but I am starting to think I'm going to have to put a little bit more money into this new endeavor.  While I have found quite a few skirts at the thrift store, I've only found 2 or 3 that I really like, and thus, I'm wearing the same 2 or 3 every day.  I also can't seem to find the right shirts to go with the skirts.  Because the skirts are loose and flowing, I need slightly fitted shirts to go with them.  It seems that most of the shirts that I have are kind of loose.  

Loose skirt + Loose shirt =  Husband says you look frumpy

Not good.

I'll just have to find the time to shop. And not at Goodwill.  Darn. 


Daphne said...

We have that same copy of the Velveteen Rabbit! It was mine when I was little! I recently found my special stuffed animal and let Rowan borrow it. I had a monkey named Hooga Hooga ;)
I don't think I have ever seen you look frumpy!!! (but it does sound like a good excuse to go shopping!)

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