Wednesday, May 05, 2010

How I've lost those last 10 pounds...

Here is my basic diet plan---I'm not sure if it would work for everyone but I'm pretty sure it would.  I like it because you don't make any major changes, you don't have to look at a diet menu to see what you can eat, you don't count calories, you can eat waffle fries from Chik-fil-et and still lose weight, you can still have treats here and there.  So here is what I consume and my modifications on a typical day:

Wake up-immediately drink 16 to 24 ounces room temperature water.  (I take this up with me and put it on my nightstand before I go to sleep)

Eat Breakfast-Serve yourself a little bit less than normal (just eat something healthy, think whole grains, least processed, more whole foods...  we alternate between old fashioned oatmeal with a tsp of maple syrup to sweeten with whole milk poured on top and often times a small handful of pecans on top, smoothies (just frozen ripe bananas, strawberries, and whatever other frozen fruits are can even add in baby spinach, it hardly changes the taste at all, just makes the smoothie green!, about 1-2 mornings a week we will have processed cereal (I'm trying to get us totally free from this, on the weekends I'll make whole grain pancakes or waffles and I'll make enough to freeze some for another meal and we will have those sometime during the week with scrambled eggs, whole grain pumpkin muffins or banana nut muffins (again I'll usually double the recipe and freeze some for later).

About 1-2 hours after breakfast I'll get hungry.  That is my signal to drink another 16-24 ounces of water.  After awhile it won't be hard to chug a whole bunch of water.  If it is freezing cold with ice in it, it is impossible.  This is your time to drink your water.  At meals you only want to drink 4-8 ounces and it is fine if it has ice in it.

About 30 minutes after chugging all that water, I'll still be a bit hungry.  So I'll eat about 3 small pretzels dipped in all natural peanut butter.  This is very filling for some reason.

Once I start getting hungry again I'll drink another 16-24 ounces of water and then have lunch about 30 minutes later.  Again, think reduce portion size.  Also, divide up your meal.  Have your sandwich and a handful of chips, save your fruit for your afternoon snack.  For me, I'll get hungry again whether I eat all of it at once or not.  So might as well save it!    For lunches we alternate between grilled cheese sandwiches, pbj's, quesidillas, smoothies/popcorn/cheese, or leftovers.  I always try and have a fruit or vegetable with lunch.

Same routine in the afternoon.  Once I get hungry, drink a ton of water.  Then when the hunger comes back I have a small snack, usually it has been the quick and easy peanut butter and a few pretzels.

Before dinner, again try and chug a bunch of water about 30 minutes before we eat.  We eat very typical dinners.  I don't try and think low calorie or low fat.  Just healthy, whole foods.  Another thing to note is I don't try and buy low fat dairy or anything light really.  We drink whole milk, we use real butter, use regular natural peanut butter, etc.  The key is moderation and eating whole foods.

If I get hungry after dinner, I do the same thing.   Lots of water and a small snack.  If I'm hungry at bedtime, NO CEREAL.  I will have a 1/2 banana, or a pretzel or two with a 1/2 tsp of peanut butter.  Of course, I don't measure but just trying to give you an idea.  I can't fall asleep if I'm really hungry but I don't need to eat very much!

If I were to sum it up here it is:

Eat less than you are right now.
Try and base your diet on whole foods, fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain bread, old fashion rolled oats, brown rice, etc., beans and lentils, organic free range meats in moderation, free range eggs, unprocessed cheeses (cheddar verses american), etc.
Drink lots and lots of water between meals and especially when you get hungry between meals.  Trust me you will get used to it and you will have lots more energy.  And you'll lose weight to boot!
Don't drink any juices, sodas, etc.  Only occasional herbal teas.

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