Thursday, March 18, 2010

Operation: Chicken Rescue

So, I'm driving home from Classical Conversations, the homeschool co-op that Micah and Andrew go to, and as I turn from one highway to the next I notice a fluffy white ball on the sidwalk.  It definitely gets my attention and as I get closer to it I realize, that yes, it is indeed a fluffy white ball of LIVE chicken!!!  

I'm very taken aback but pull off into an abandoned parking lot near where the chicken is sitting.  Yes, just sitting there, all fluffy and white.  Well, not so so white.  I got out of the van and walked over to the chicken and did what any sensible person would do.  I called my older sister (who owns about 30 chickens in Virginia).  "What do I do!!!???"  We decide together that yes of course, it is safe to pick up the chicken.  She won't peck me to death.  Upon close inspection she didn't appear to be hurt or bleeding.  Well, you might consider her hurt.  But not from injuries sustained while out.  My guess is she escaped from one of the chicken houses that I could see in the far distance.  She was filfthy.  And filfthy is an understatement.  She smelled so so bad that after washing my hands over 6 or 7 times wouldn't remove the odor.  Her underside looked like it was missing all it's feathers.  She just didn't look like the chickens I saw in my sister's pictures or the ones I saw at my friend Daphne's house.  This chicken looked pitiful.

I didn't want to just leave her on the side of the road.  So I picked her up (so stinky and gross!) and carried her tightly over to the van.  I was going to try and take her to one of the local farms.  I even thought I might could find the owners of the chicken houses that I saw in the distance.  I couldn't drive holding this wild animal so my sister gave me the idea to put her in a bag.  The only bag I had that would work is my favorite red bag that my mother-in-law gave me.  I figured I could wash it later!  (it is in the wash right now on hot and "heavy duty")

Micah, much to his dismay, held the bag for me with the top closed.  For some reason the zipper was gone!  Just when I needed that faithful zipper it was gone!  Several times the chicken would try to escape.  Poor Micah!  Chickens are scratchy wild little things.

So anyway, I drove around and even knocked on some stranger's door, but to no avail.  I even went to the fire department to get their advice.  They suggested I just leave it by the fence out by the chicken houses.  I just didn't feel right about that.  

So I drove home as quickly as I could with Micah holding her in his lap so I could get my friend Daphne's phone number.  She has chickens so I knew she would be sympathetic to my cause.  :)  Sure enough, she was and she even found me a wonderful home for little "fluffy".  That is what the boys named her! :)  I figured the best I could expect would be to find someone who would be willing to kill her.  It still amazes me that God provided her a home where she will be rehabilitated!!!  I know she is just a chicken but remember that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without the Father knowing.  He cares for every living thing.

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father."  Matthew 10:29

I got a firsthand look at the reason why I try and buy meat and dairy products organically.  It just makes my heart ache to think of animals being mistreated.  

She was filthiest on her underside, where most of her feathers were missing.  She was covered in her own feces. 

Andrew had to hold his nose.  When I put her on the deck she did not move.

Here she is in the cage that Ryan provided for her when we got to her house.  She will be here temporarily and then will be moved into another cage within the chicken coop.  Here the other chickens will get acquainted with her.

This family was so sweet!  They took us around and showed us all their farm animals, many of which have been rescued from various situations.

They let us walk right into their chicken coop and let the boys look for eggs!  There were four and she gave two to each of the boys.  Of course two were broken before we left but I'm honestly surprised any of them made it since the boys were running around and playing with eggs in their hands!

Henry even took the boys for a ride on his four wheeler!  The boys loved this...  I was admittedly a bit nervous but they had a great time!

Wow, what a day.  I am pooped.  Literally.  (he he he he he)

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Anonymous said...

This made me laugh, sounds very much like a day I might have! Weren't you going to get chickens at one point?