Monday, March 08, 2010

Different stuff...

I'm reading this to the boys right now, particularly Micah and Andrew because Isaac has already read it many times.  I found this large print edition at the thrift store and love it!  It snowed again which made such a perfectly dreamy opportunity to venture in to Narnia...  I kept looking up at the snow flakes falling down as I read the story and it almost felt like we were really there!

Benjamin isn't crawling yet but he is definitely scooting around....oops!  He scooted right under the couch!  All our boys have done this at his age and we always snap a picture.  So cute!

This is the staple meal of the Walsman household.  Bean and Cheese Quesidillas.  I just spread refried pinto or black beans on the tortilla (these are corn tortillas since I'm eating gluten free) , top with shredded cheddar cheese and let it melt.  I put a bit of oil on our large electric skillet before putting the tortillas down.  We serve them with guacamole (I've found a store bought guac that is delicious), sour cream and salsa.  Everyone loves them!  I'll make some steamed veggies, fruit or a smoothie for a side and it's a great, easy, cheap and yummy meal!

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