Monday, September 14, 2009


Folly Beach....

A carriage horse in downtown Charleston that was outside getting ready to be bathed...

This is at Charleston's Water Front Park... The boys really enjoyed watching the ships/boats go by...

We took a "water taxi" over to Patriot's Point, home of the USS Yorktown, a retired Aircraft Carrier from World War II.

On the ship inside the bakery was a HUGE mixing bowl! I couldn't resist putting the boys inside of it! You should have seen the giant kitchen-aid type mixer.

Here are the boys in front of the display of a sampling of the ingredients for cookies for 10,000 men!

On top of the aircraft carrier were a ton of really cool airplanes. It was totally boy heaven!

Micah kept posing and telling me to take a picture of him. I thought it was really funny!

Steve carried Benjamin around quite a bit in the Baby B'jorn. I've never really liked this carrier but Steve likes it. It is easy to put on and Benjamin really likes being carried in it facing out. When he got sleepy I put him in the Sleepy Wrap and he was out in seconds. That things amazing... I'm so thankful for the assortment of carriers we have!

On the way back, on the water taxi, the driver of the boat let the boys drive it for a while. They of course loved this!

On our last night we went to see Morris Lighthouse that used to be on an island but that island is now covered in water! On the beach there was a loggerhead turtle nesting site!

We had a great trip! Hopefully I'll be able to post more about it later. Right now Benjamin is asleep on my chest and it is really hard to type!

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