Thursday, August 06, 2009

Pea Sooouuup!

So this little pea soup adventure all started at my friend Patricia's house. She is from Peru and she often makes food that is different than I'm used to, and I usually love it! So I know split peas aren't all that unusual but honestly, I've never eaten them! The way she made them was just boiling them and then adding some salt, pepper and onions. They ended up looking like green mash potatoes. Okay, not so appetizing looking, but served with rice it was a yummy health food. See for me, if something is EASY and healthy AND cheap, I tend to like it even if it isn't delicioso :) So, next time I went to wal-mart I picked up a couple bags of split peas. So here is my pea adventure... Here they are...ready to go (okay I know I'm pointing out the obvious)
Oh, no! This looks like pea soup-not green mash potatoes! Horrors... I never can replicate what someone else does without a recipe.... Cooking just doesn't come natural for me...

Ummm....doesn't this look yummy? (NOT)

Well, evidently Isaac has a HUGE craving to cook, use spices, experiment in the kitchen, so here was his chance. He asked me if he could try some spices in his pea soup over rice and I figured why not. There wasn't much to lose. I already didn't expect the boys to like the pea/rice mixture, so if they ruined it with too much spice then it didn't matter.

Well, lo and behold, they ate it like it was brownies with ice cream on top!

After a little while though Micah said that his tummy was starting to hurt. Isaac said, "Maybe it is because it knew that what you were eating used to be SO nasty but now is good!" (A little pride over his spicing up abilities I think) Reality is, it really must have been disgusting but because they had the opportunity to spice things up themselves they liked it. Maybe I'll use that technique to my advantage other times I'm making something they may not like :)


Ginny said...

This really really made me laugh!

Bookworm said...

Ha! I'll try that technique too! Cute post! Thanks for sharing!