Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Elisha Winn House Picnic

Two little girls that live in my neighborhood have been coming over to help me two mornings a week for the past several weeks. They are very sweet and the boys really enjoy their company! This is a picture of our picnic at an old historic house that is 5 minutes from our home. We went first to pick up the food from Blessings Cottage, a fun little restaurant that I take the boys to every week or two.
We ate and then wandered around for a bit and found a trail in the woods that I'd not seen before. At the very entrance to the trail Isaac noticed right away a hornet hole in the middle of the path. I really didn't want to take all the kids on the trail after that, as Andrew got really concerned. About half way through the walk I noticed an absolute TON of poison Ivey. I told poor Andrew not to touch anything green. Well that is really hard for a 3 year old on a trail overgrown with foilage! Oops! So he was really freaked out that he was going to touch something that would hurt him so he cried and clung to me, but I couldn't hold him since I was holding Benjamin!
These are some of the adjustments that I have to make since having the fourth...how to give each child the care that they need!

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Bookworm said...

I'm glad Isaac noticed the hornet hole and you noticed the poison ivy!!! I know you did a wonderful job giving each of them everything they needed and then some. I love looking at your pictures and seeing the boys clinging to you. Clearly, they just adore you!