Friday, July 24, 2009


On my 30th birthday I stopped by Goodwill. I didn't have much time so I very very quickly scanned all the children's books. I was only able to find this one but oh how I love it! It is hardback and in perfect condition! I love Margaret Wise Brown's books. But what I really love about this book are the illustrations. There are certain books that just give me that "warm and fuzzy" feeling. This is definitely one of them. Thank you Father! (He gives me special treasures on a regular basis)

Hmmm....speaking of treasures he gives me here are a few of them:

  • My husband Steve-He is such a good husband. To put up with me-he so is. As many of you know I'm such a tight-wad. Really, it is true. I want everything perfect, including him. Poor guy. I need to "zip-it up" (what my step-dad used to tell us kids to indicate we needed to stop talking) a whole lot more than I do. Oh and, he is a great husband for lots of other reasons too. Poor guy had a stomach bug last weekend and then on the heels of that he got a kidney stone attack that ended 3 days later with surgery. He'll be recovering over the next few days. I have realized with him being unable to really do much, how much I depend on him! He helps me with so much around the house. He is a total team player and I am so glad he is mine!
  • My boys-my precious boys. I'm living my dream! I've got four absolutely beautiful boys that fill my life with smiles, laughter, energy (if only they could give me some of their energy :), bugs, rocks, sticks, dirt on the kitchen floor, spilled sticky watermelon juice all over the table, chair, and floor, wet clothes all over the bathroom floor, toys strewn all over, hungry tummies every hour, dirty feet in my house, question after question, and yes, lots of those things can make me scream if I'm not in the right frame of mind, but these are the things that accompany children-so these are the things I love. (I'm going to tell myself that tomorrow when Andrew lifts up his full cereal bowl to show me it and drops it and it splatters all OVER the kitchen and at that very moment Benjamin starts to wail because it is his feeding time and at that same time I feel like I'm going to faint I'm so VERY VERY hungry (this has happened)
  • Specifically Benjamin-I'm so so so glad to have a baby again. There is nothing like those sweet little smiles, when they look in your eyes and then their face just LIGHTS up with the biggest sweetest toothless grin you've ever seen! It makes my heart melt just thinking about it! There is nothing like pulling a clean baby out of the bath and covering his sweet soft skin in Burts Bees Lotion and then putting on his clean clothes, lifting him up and smelling that sweet sweet smell on his head. Oh, I just smile thinking about it... There is nothing like looking down as my baby nurses with utter contentment and I know that he is getting all he needs right from me! Oh, thank you Lord for another baby to care for! (may there be many more! many more!)
  • For the gift of wanting to homeschool-I love the fact that I am making memories-so many memories with my kids, every hour, every day of their lives. I want to be with them, I treasure them, and I'm so glad that I get to be with them so much!
  • For my home. I truly have a beautiful home to raise my children in.

Thank you God for giving me the desires of my heart!

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