Wednesday, July 15, 2009

He's such a good dad...and husband!

Steve taught the boys how to play UNO probably about 4 months ago and they have been playing daily every since! Micah especially loves to play and so he asks all the time. Steve had to inform him that unfortunately during the week, during the day he would have to work and would not be able to play UNO with him! Sadness! It is really cute that Andrew plays with them, Steve tells him which cards he can "play" and Andrew will pick which he wants to play, although he doesn't have a real understanding of what he is doing. He is learning his colors and numbers through this game! They usually play in the evenings after dinner and before bed. It is so sweet to me, to see Steve playing this game with them. Steve is a very dedicated father. If for instance he has to travel out of town and has to leave in the evening, as he often travels to Columbus, GA (about a 2 1/2 hour drive away), he will not leave until he helps put the kids to bed. This means he doesn't get to Columbus until between 10:30 and 11:00 at night. When he gets home from work, he always just changes clothes, which he often takes the kids up with him to do that, and then jumps in until bedtime! No getting home and sitting in front of the TV for him! I'm so thankful for him!

This is an example of Steve getting home from work and he took Benjamin for me right away even before he changed and he put Benjamin to sleep almost immediately! Our babies have always loved him and been very comfortable with him.

Here he is reading to the boys and holding a fussy Benjamin (who is being lulled to sleep by Steve patting his back) so I can have a break. I am blessed and so are my boys! Thank you Steve for being an awesome husband and father!!!

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