Saturday, December 13, 2008

High Museum of Art

Check out her hair! Me and the boys loved this :)This picture was HUGE and gorgeous and I totally wasn't supposed to photograph it! Ooops!

Okay, so I took the boys last Wednesday to the High. All things considered (two young boys at a prestigious DON'T TOUCH THAT museum) we had a really good time. The terra cotta soldiers exhibit was really cool. They had these ear phones that you could rent while you were there and at each exhibit you would punch in a code and hear about that exhibit. They had a more lengthy code for adults and a really fun code for kids, complete with sound effects. The boys really enjoyed that and I think it made it more interesting for them and easier for them to learn more.

After the Chinese emperor exhibit I dragged the boys through some of the rest of the museum. They were totally not into it! I can't blame them! Giant portraits and tiny vases just cannot be interesting to children! (At least they weren't to my boys :) When I asked a lady who worked there if the Louvre exhibit would interest my boys she said NO! Micah commented to her, "yeah, after all, we are only kids". It was so cute! Well after all that and his little comment he actually wanted to go to it! And afterwards I was glad I did because they had the same option with the ear phones and the fun explanations of the exhibits. It made even looking at a teeny tiny gold statue interesting for them. Get this, they stood and stared at three china plates for like 5 minutes! That is what having those ear phones did for them! It actually made them study the different pieces and become interested in them! So it really was fun.

We bought a small 8" figure of one of the terra cotta soldiers for us to remember our time. It was has been really neat learning about China! As much for me as it has been for them! Now I know where the Tibet Plateau is and all about Lhasa, the largest city on the plateau. I know that the two major rivers in China are the Yellow River and the Yangtze river. I know that the first emperor of China started what would become the Great Wall 200 years before Christ was born. I know where the Gobi desert is and all about the Bactrian Camel. All of this is so interesting to me! I LOVE learning about the world!

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Ginny said...

Micah aleays seems to be saying really cute things. You are doing such a good job with homeschooling this year! For history I feel good if I remember to have seth listen to his story of the world vol.2 cds.