Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bad Day

Ugghhh.... Today was tuff! It was one of those days where the boys argued and clashed all day and I didn't handle it well! I got a really bad tummy ache by 2 oclock. I hate to admit it but I get trapped gas when I'm stressed. I didn't eat a whole lot today which was part of the problem. Well probably the majority of the problems today would have been eliviated if I had of fed myself regularly and not allowed myself to get famished. That really stresses my body out and I get a horrible tummy ache. I think part of the reason I didn't eat a whole lot is because we don't have a lot of food. Remember I only spent 72.00 dollars on groceries last Saturday at super walmart. So the pickings are slim. We are already down to just apples for fresh fruit and carrots and brocolli for veggies.

It's not that we don't have food that I could prepare but that's just it, the preperation part that is snagging me. I can't seem to get myself to cook/prepare foods in between meals. I make breakfast, I make lunch, and I make dinner but honestly I get really hungry between meals and I need something for snacks. Something that is cheap, tastes good, is low sugar, high protein, of a whole-food nature.... Hmmm... not exactly kellogs nutri-grain bars. Maybe I should make some peanut-butter balls, those have high protein, I'm not sure of the sugar count but the sugar that is in them is in the form of honey.... They might put some weight on me. I'm not sure about that idea. Well, I guess a little weight is better than yelling at my kids all day because I'm so darn hungry and then yelling at them worse because my stomach hurts so bad from not eating all day!

To wal-mart I'll go again tomorrow and get powdered milk and a couple more jars of natural peanut butter. I think I already have wheat germ to roll them in. And that is all they are made out of, well honey too. So they are real easy to make and healthy!

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