Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Isaac's New Room

Isaac has moved from an upstairs bedroom to the downstairs "guest room" that was my office. It was a pretty shade of rosey-pink that Steve painted over last week in a really awesome shade of green. In order to now have a guest room and not have our guests sleeping on an airmattress (Uggghhh) this worked out perfect. We sold our queen bedroom set of furniture on Craigs List because it was too big to fit in the guest room. Now it isn't a "guest room" but rather Isaac's room that can now comfortably house our guests when we have them. Isaac will be very pleased to get to sleep in mom and dad's room when we have guests. Because we sold our furniture Isaac was in need of furniture that would fit in his room. God provided an awesome headboard through Craigs List and about a week later, right before we were about to buy cheap Ikea bookshelves for him that would have cost around 200 dollars we found on Craigs List a bookcase that looks like it was made to go with his headboard, bead board and all! Not to mention the antique desk that we already had that is the perfect size for his room and matches perfectly! I was literally in awe of how God put his room together again, perfectly. God is good and he cares about even the small things. He never ceases to amaze me!

The airplane pictures that are on the wall, I found at the dollar tree and then I glued them on foam board. His bedspread was our old bedspread and it goes perfect with the color green in his room. The fabric has the slight impression of leaves on it, so it goes with his around the world theme. We call it his "rain forest" bedspread, his bookcase came from Australia, he has pictures on the wall from when he went to Honduras, and we hope to soon have pictures up of his trip with us to pick up his siblings in Liberia, West Africa! He is a young world traveler!

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