Saturday, February 20, 2010

Took the judging post down...

Ever since I stopped judging everyone my insecurities have cropped up extremely (hence me taking down the post because I worried too much about what people thought about it).  The judging kept everyone at arm's length.  I wasn't afraid what others thought of me when I had come to the conclusion that I was right and they were wrong.  Now that that wall is down I live in almost a constant state of anxiety over what other people are thinking.  Not good.  I hate it!  I can't seem to realize on a constant basis that everyone else is like me!  No one is perfect, we all struggle with similar things, and we all want to be loved and accepted by each other.  I think part of the problem is that I don't have any girlfriends that I talk to on a regular basis.  Since I'm not in that kind of fellowship with other women my age and in my season it is easy for me to be deceived into thinking that I'm the only one that _____________, whatever that may be.

We go to church, we go to community group, yet no one really knows me and I don't really know anyone else.  Why is our culture like this?

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Kelly said...

Hey Abby,
I know what you mean. I enjoyed your post about judging others. For me it helps me so much when others are open and honest about what they are struggling with...
Miss you sweet friend!