Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our new church...

I made a comment in my post before last saying, "I go to church, I go to community group, yet I don't really know anyone and no one really knows me."

I didn't think very much at all before I said that.  Too bad I can't unsay it!

So after I wrote it here is my thoughts about my statement:

We've only been going to Harbins for about 8 months.  I cannot expect to make below the surface relationships quickly.  They take time!  So my lack of relationships with depth has nothing to do with Harbins :)

We are thrilled with our new church!  We've had over several different families and have so enjoyed our time with them.  We seem to have very similar hearts with them.  Harbins is a family integrated church.  That means that the children worship with the parents in the main service.  We love this!  Yes, it is more work but it is awesome!

Today my husband, Steve, wasn't able to make it to the service and when we sat down afterwards to eat lunch together as a family he asked me what the sermon was about.  Micah our 6 year old said something like, "True faith".  I cannot remember his exact words but they were precisely what the sermon was on.  He was listening and he was absorbing it!  Pastor Steve is awesome too!  He always includes the kids in his sermon and will usually do some fun illustration to make it easier for us all to get the Bible truth he is teaching.  He of course usually needs a young volunteer or two :)  My kids LOVE Pastor Steve.  He has a great big genuine smile and he loves the kids.  I think they know that.

Anyway, I could go on and on and even now thinking about it I am tearing up.  God has answered our prayers and we are at home at Harbins.  I look forward to the real relationships that God has given us at Harbins.  Here is their website:  If you live anywhere near Dacula come check it out!

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