Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thinking about...

going real.

Okay, let me explain. I feel like a big part of my "social" life is spent on the computer. I share with my friends and family through my blogs. If I do talk to friends it is, for the most part, through an email. That's it. I have no "real" social life. The internet has become a cheap substitute for community and fellowship with people for me. I am considering printing my blog and then shutting it down. If people want to know me, then let's get together for coffee (or tea:), or let's talk on the phone. I think the enemy has been defrauding me of the abundant life that God has for me. And I've totally taken the bait.

As far as recording memories, a real scrapbook is so much more meaningful to me. I used to scrapbook all of our pictures (I'd pick and choose from the digital pictures which ones I wanted to scrapbook and just print those) and I treasure the albums I have. I scrapbook VERY simply, just pictures and journaling mostly. If I did it one night a month I could keep up.

I'm also considering closing my email account. Any emailing that is necessary, and I recognize some is truly necessary in this day and age, I can do through Steve's account. If someone needs to tell me something, they can call me.

I'm not sure it will make any real difference to anyone, since I have very few real relationships, but maybe it will be a start in the right direction of building some real friendships.

I feel like I'm on the verge of really living... and I'm excited! (Have you noticed a theme in this email of the word "real"?)

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Queen Beth said...

I have felt this way thousands of times. Most of the time, I archive my blogs and delete them. Sometimes I shut them down. Other times I take a break. This post could have come from me back in December. In fact, I did just that. I quit. Then I started again. I wish you better success at living "real" than I have had.....