Monday, October 26, 2009

To my Isaac...

Dear Isaac,

Your eleven years old now! You just had a birthday about 8 weeks ago. It is hard to believe that you are growing up! I keep telling myself you'll only be a boy for a couple more years! Your childhood is going by so fast! I can remember you as a little toddler if I close my eyes and roll back my scroll of memories... It brings tears to my eyes to think that those years are gone and will never return. You were a precious little boy and are a precious bigger boy! I know that it may seem like daddy and I discipline you all the time and you may not understand it. Or you may more than we know, but one day you will realize that we love you and want your life to be filled with peace and joy and contentment.

In school we usually sit down together at the table and do spelling---this can include a lot of giggling between you and I, as some of the words are a bit funny in sequential spelling! Then we do language arts which can as we both know get a bit frustrating. But not too bad usually. And then we go over your math. Which you are doing really well in fractions this year. I'm quite proud of you. Honestly we are both learning a lot!

I'm trying to read to you out a book called "When they were boys" every day because it is filled with the childhood lives of people like Thomas Edison and the Wright brothers. I want your mind to be filled with all the possibilities this life holds. I wish I did a better job supplying you with "raw" materials in which to create things. I pray that we come up with a good place where you can just create things and use your imagination. You've got a good one!

We also read your history books together and just recently finished one about Commodore Matthew Perry and his journey to Japan in the 1800's. I think you and I both were fascinated with the story and how Japan was like a medieval society closed to all other "foreign devils"! I really enjoy opening up these other worlds to you through great stories.

You've been wearing these sports type glasses that are meant for kids playing things like basketball. They are pretty big, kind of like sunglasses, but they are regular glasses. Unfortunately they obstruct a lot of your beautiful face. Today you took them off and I got to see your eyes and face uncluttered by glasses and I was taken aback by how beautiful you are. I know, handsome, is what I should say.

I am very busy with your younger brothers I know. You may feel left out of all the attention they inevitably receive. I want you to know that you aren't less loved and you have a very special place in this family. I really really appreciate all your help around the house. I don't know what I would do without you! You make my day run so smoothly by getting up and unloading the dishwasher and the dish-drying rack. This is more of a help than you know. Your so willing to stop whatever it is you are doing when I need something like a big cup of water or the boppy pillow. Or whatever it may be. You have a servants heart. And I really appreciate you.

God has great things in store for you and I'm so glad he gave you to us to be our son. May you grow in love and grace and be filled with wonder as God opens up more of his world to you.



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